With another bitterly cold day across Saskatchewan, many schools are using indoor space for recess periods — again.

Indoor recess has become almost the rule this winter, rather than the odd exception, and it is getting old for some.

"When you're inside it's all crammed up and everything," Vincent Morelli, a grade 7 student at St. Gregory School in Regina, told CBC News Tuesday. "Outside there is lots of space to run around. And [indoors] you can't really run because you can't go into the gym whenever you want."

Morelli and fellow student Bryden Wall were pressed into service as referees for an indoor recess session where younger students were playing dodge ball in the gym.

Wall said he too is longing for open space and some fresh air.

skpic dodge ball indoor recess

Youngsters at St. Gregory School in Regina were forced, once again, to take recess indoors due to cold weather. (Adam Hunter/CBC)

"You get to be physical, run around and have fun not confined in a classroom," he said.

For safety reasons, school officials have moved recess indoors if the temperature is colder than -27C or is equivalent to that considering the wind chill.

"Safety first," Holly Paluck, a vice principal at the school, said. "It's just unsafe for kids to be out when it's that cold."

Paluck said whenever it has warmed up enough to take a break, outdoors, the school reacts enthusiastically.

"It's actually kind of cute when we do have one of those rare 15-minute breaks outside. We're able to say it's warmed up to -24 [and] you just hear the cheers through the whole school," she said.

Forecasters expect a current cold spell in Saskatchewan to last for another two weeks or so.

With files from CBC's Adam Hunter