Indigenous teens from across Canada learned how to improve their communities at the RCMP training academy in Regina. It was part of the Youth Leadership workshop.

Alysha Wilson, 16, was at the training, wanting to find ways to deal with the alcohol problem in their community, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

"Spousal abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse — alcohol abuse is probably the main factor," she said.

The teens came accompanied by a police officer from their local community. Police say it's important to have a young person as a resource, because they're able to tell the police what they see.

"We're not always in the schools," said Constable Mackenzie McGuffin. "So we don't see exactly what's going on or we don't see what happens when the youth are hanging out together. But they basically have a better eye on what the issues are for youth in the community."

Both the police officers and the teenagers hope to return to their communities better equipped to tackle issues.