Income halting couple from getting spot in seniors complex

An elderly couple in Bruno, Sask. says government regulations are preventing the two from getting a spot at seniors housing complex in their town because their income is too high.
A couple from Bruno, Sask. say government regulations say their income is too high to get a spot in their home town. (CBC)

An elderly couple in Bruno, Sask. says government regulations are preventing the two from getting a spot at seniors housing complex in their town because their income is too high.  

Bernadette and Leander Greuel, who have lived in Bruno, Sask. for the past 26 years, have been waiting to get into the Prairie View home for three years.

Now that Leander is 84 years old, they're ready to move, and applied to the home because it's just a few blocks away from where they live.

"According to our income now we probably can't move in there," said Bernadette.

According to the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation the couple is far down the waiting list, behind people with lower incomes.

"Well, we just wonder why that happened," said Leander. "I wonder why the government would sooner have welfare people that they are supporting rather than we who would pay to get in there."

Victor Granger who works at the Bruno Housing Authority said there's not much the couple could do.

"The problem is now the government has changed the level of income and reserves — savings that the people have," said Granger. "If they have a certain amount and they're over that, they have no possibility of coming into Prairie View."

Granger said he has been trying to attract developers to build more condos in the town, to meet the needs of people like the Greuel's.

"It's harder on these people because they need something right now and a lot of these small towns are not ready for this," he said.

The lack of housing in Bruno leaves the Greuel's with two options: stay where they are or move from the community they've spent their lives in.

Bruno is located about 90 kilometres east of Saskatoon.