SGI says December 2017 saw the lowest number of impaired driving offences when compared to the previous three years — even with increased enforcement.

Police across the province reported 238 impaired-driving related offences for December 2017.

Offences included 205 criminal charges, such as blood alcohol content exceeding .08, impaired driving or refusing a breath test. There were also 33 roadside suspensions for experienced drivers with blood alcohol content ranging from .04 to .08.

That's compared to 353 impaired driving offences reported for December 2016. In December 2015, there were 308 offences. There were 381 impaired-driving related offences in December 2014. 

Saskatchewan has had the highest rate of impaired drivers in Canada. Impaired driving remains the leading cause of traffic fatalities on Saskatchewan roads.

In 2016, there were 57 people killed in collisions involving alcohol or drugs. 

Since Jan. 1, 2017, experienced drivers with .04-.08 blood alcohol content will have their vehicle seized for three days and their licence suspended. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 using alcohol or drugs.