A Regina company that handles scrap metal has become a magnet for after-hours dumping, leading to an unsightly pile on the curb outside their yard.

CMS accepts old appliances for metal recycling, but only when someone is on site and can coordinate the drop off.

After hours, and on weekends, many people take advantage of the company's location and simply chuck their used fridges and stoves onto the ground outside the fence. The pile of junk has sometimes spilled over the curb.

"There's been times — I think it was this weekend — the pile was out to the middle of the street," Matt Stone, the yard foreman at CMS, told CBC News Tuesday. "It was down to one lane. You can't have that. People just stop, toss it out, and take off."

Stone added it is likely people are trying to avoid paying fees to dump their appliances at the city landfill.

Dumping Metal 2

A pile of junk sits outside the yard of a metal recycling company in Regina. (CBC)

Officials with the city said illegal dumping of material happens in many areas of the city and is difficult to control. The spot by CMS has been an ongoing problem, however.

"It's something we try to monitor as best we can and get cleaned up," Kelly Scherr, from the City of Regina, told CBC News. "But it's very difficult to enforce unless we catch somebody in the act."

Scherr added the city is looking at expanding the available space for legal drop-off of metal waste.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil