Idle No More was back at Saskatoon's Midtown Mall on Dec. 26.

Boxing Day shoppers and Idle No More protesters were sharing the malls in Regina and Saskatoon on Wednesday.

As shoppers scurried around in search of bargains, Idle No More "flash mobs" materialized in both cities over the noon hour for drumming, singing and round dancing.

About 200 people participated at Saskatoon's Midtown Mall and while at Regina's Cornwall Centre, about 100 people were involved.

The movement, which has been behind other peaceful protests in Saskatchewan malls earlier this month, seeks to highlight concerns about the most recent federal government budget bill, with particular emphasis on First Nations and environmental issues.

Similar events were taking place around the country on Boxing Day.


About 100 people participated in the Idle No More event at the Cornwall Centre in Regina. (Sabeen Ahmad/CBC)


The Midtown Mall was home to a Round Dance over the noon hour on Wednesday. (Britainy Robinson/CBC)