As temperatures jump up and down around the freezing point, slippery conditions are causing problems on Saskatchewan's highways.

Rain and wind overnight have left highways in bad shape to the east and north of Regina, with a number of cars and other vehicles ending up in ditches.

The RCMP was advising against travel in the Indian Head area at about 4 a.m. CST, amid reports the Trans-Canada had snow covering glare ice, the dividing lines were covered, and there was poor visibility.

A number of vehicles had pulled over and stopped in places during the early morning hours because of the slippery conditions, according to police.

In Regina, two vehicles were in the ditch at the intersection of Wascana Parkway and the Ring Road.

Near Chamberlain on the heavily travelled Highway 11 heading to Saskatoon, a tractor-trailer unit had jackknifed and was blocking traffic around midnight. By 7 a.m., the road was clear again.

The highways department was out overnight spreading sand in the area, RCMP said, but the road was still icy later in the morning.