A near-tragedy was avoided when Kelly and Logan Natomagan rescued a relative who was on a snowmobile that broke through ice at Pinehouse Lake in 2009. The pair was honoured Thursday with bravery medals presented by the Governor General in Ottawa.

The drama took place on Nov. 27, 2009, when Logan, then 15, was out on the lake with his grandfather George Natomagan. When their snowmobile broke the ice, George fell into the water while Logan managed to stay out of the frigid lake.

Logan quickly phoned his uncle, Kelly (George's son), who rushed out to the ice with a small canoe.

The two of them were able to get George safely out of the water and then to a shack to get warm.

In CBC News story about the rescue, at the time, Logan said it was a frightening experience.

"I was scared. I didn't know what to do for a while," Logan said. "But then I started doing stuff and I followed what my grandpa said to me."  

While Logan and Kelly acted as quickly as they could, the older man had been in the water for nearly an hour.

But everything worked out and other than a few bruises, George made a full recovery.

Pinehouse Lake is about 250 kilometres north of Prince Albert.

The Natomagans were among several people honoured by the Governor General for their brave actions in Saskatchewan.

Three men from Meadow Lake were also noted, with medals of bravery: Brett Opikokew, Devin Knot, and Josh Lasas.

In April of 2009, the trio rescued a woman and her three children from a submerged vehicle, near Makwa, Sask.