A video posted on YouTube shows men firing a rifle at ducks swimming in a pond.

Wildlife officials in Western Canada are looking for three men who posted a YouTube video showing them shooting ducks, sometimes from inside a car.

The four-minute video, which shows the trio firing at baby ducks in a pond and repeatedly blasting away at the remains of one duck, appeared on the popular website last week.

After examining the video, officials said it was likely filmed in southern Alberta. It shows the men firing at ducks from a car, then laughing at the results.

"Dude, that one's still alive," one of the men is heard to say on the video, followed by the sound of gunfire.

"Oh yeah! I nailed him on the move!" another comments. 

Saskatchewan's environment ministry is working with officials in Alberta to try to identify the men in the video.

Photos of the trio have been sent to conservation officers across the Prairies.

Outrage over the video led to the creation of a Facebook page run by several hunters.

"These guys are not hunters! They are poachers!" the Facebook page reads. "Everyone should be disgusted by the total lack of regard for the law, and lack of respect for the animals."

According to Darrell Crabbe, executive director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, the video indicates the men have broken several hunting and firearms laws, including shooting out of a vehicle.

He said they deserve to have "the book" thrown at them.

"Their knuckles must be dragging on the ground," Crabbe said. "To do it in the first place is unthinkable. But to actually put it and promote it as a YouTube video ... I just can't shake my head enough how ridiculous and stupid that was."

Duck hunting season in most Prairie provinces does not start until September.