A large seizure of cattle last month in south-central Saskatchewan is stirring up some controversy.

After the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was alerted to nearly 300 head without enough water or food, it gave the owners five days to fix the problem.

After that, on May 21, semi-trucks pulled into Allen and Bryan Lowden's farm in the Assiniboia area with an RCMP escort.

assiniboia, saskatchewanHundreds of cattle were seized near Assiniboia in south-central Saskatchewan.

The men were arrested, the cattle seized.

The SPCA says the animals were in distress, although one of the owners says the seizure went too far. 

"They said they would only take the ones in poor condition," said Allen Lowden. "But they took pretty well all our breeding animals. All they left us was ... some big steers and some bulls."

Lowden said he wasn't given enough time to make things right.

Today, the rest of his animals are being sold at auction.

The SPCA's Kaley Pugh said she can't comment on the particulars of the case because the investigation is ongoing, but she did say this isn't the first complaint about this farm.

"We have been dealing with these folks for a significant amount of time," she said.

The SPCA doesn't act on its own, but requires the approval of a veterinarian before proceeding with a seizure, she said.

"It's a last resort," she said.

Charges have been laid under the Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code, Pugh said.