Humans of Regina, a home-grown version of a popular Internet concept, provides a compelling glimpse into the city, the creators say.

The original idea, called Humans of New York, has been emulated in cities around the globe.

All permutations follow the same template: The bloggers take a picture of random people in their city and ask them a few simple questions.

The results, images with quotes, are posted to a dedicated Facebook page and provide a portrait of what makes the city tick.

"Everyone's got a story," Ben McLellan, a co-creators of the Regina version, told CBC News. "Even right now there are probably 50 people within 30 metres of us and you don't really know anything about them beyond what they dress as or portray themselves as."

The Humans of Regina project has enlisted nine people to go around the city taking pictures and striking up conversations.

"It's been really neat to see the diversity of individuals even within our own city, when you [might] think that we're pretty ordinary," Levi Durston, the other co-creator, said.

McLellan and Durston started the Regina page as a summer project and hope to keep it running even longer.

With files from CBC's Rikkeal Bohmann