The rural municipality surrounding Regina could someday be home to a new community with thousands of people right on the city's doorstep.

According to plans announced Thursday by a developer and the RM of Sherwood, Wascana Village will be built one kilometre south of Regina's SIAST campus.

The RM says 14,000 people are expected to live there.

There are plans to build homes, two elementary schools, a high school, a seniors home, three lakes and a toboggan hill.

Ontario-based Great Prairie Development Corp. is the main player behind the project.

If it goes ahead, it will take eight to 13 years to complete.

The announcement comes during a time of rising tension between the RM and the city.

Last week, the City of Regina released a map of the future showing thousands of hectares of Sherwood land added.

The RM said it was "shocked and stunned" and said it hadn't been consulted.