It started in Biggar, Sask., and sure enough, it's really, really big.

It's a piece of equipment that will be used in the carbon capture and storage facility at Boundary Dam near Estevan that will be slowly moving along provincial highway from Monday to Friday.

The 90,000 kilogram cylinder is the size of a six-storey building laid on its side: 20 metres long and nearly 12 metres in diameter.

SaskPower moving big cylinder along highway

SaskPower says it is trying to use secondary highways as much as it can as it moves the big cylinder from Biggar to Boundary Dam. (SaskPower)

According to SaskPower, the apparatus will improve the reliability of the storage for the amine solution being used to capture carbon dioxide molecules.

The Crown utility says it will try to take secondary highways as much as possible, although part of the trip will be along the Trans-Canada.

The move will also require several power lines to be temporarily lifted. Power may be out for a while in various communities, including the Estevan area on Sept. 17.

Big cylinder map

The big cylinder left Biggar on Monday and is scheduled to arrive at the Boundary Dam site near Estevan on Friday. (SaskPower)