Three thousand head of livestock, in Regina for the annual Canadian Western Agribition, are generating an astounding amount of manure that has to go somewhere.

While much of it goes to the local landfill where it is a welcome source of composting material, some of it is also made available to nearby farmers who treasure the nutrient-rich fertilizer.

"We've estimated our disposal here at Agribition is equivalent to 21 Olympic-sized swimming pools over the course of six days," Marty Seymour, the CEO of the trade show and sale, said.

Exhibitors are required to collect the manure and deposit it in large bins dedicated only to animal waste.

To Michelle Hordos, 17, it is just another chore that goes along with showing cattle.

"Personally I don't mind it," Hordos said, pitchfork in hand. "City kids probably do. But I'm around it all the time, so it's actually not too bad."

The local farmers are keen to scoop up the manure.

"We can't live without manure on the field," Seymour explained. "We can't continue to harvest without replenishing the micro-nutrients that leave with the grain."

The animals, mostly cattle, are set up in several barns on the Regina Exhibition grounds. Besides cattle, producers are showing a variety of other farm animals, including sheep and goats.


With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil