How much it costs to go to the Queen City Ex

Adult admission to the Queen City Ex is $15 and a day pass for the rides is $47. Factor in extras like food, rides and games, and for families, a day at the fair can get expensive fast.

Adult admission is $15 and a day pass for rides is $47 - that doesn't include food and games.

The Queen City Ex is attracting large numbers in Regina, but it can be a pretty hefty price tag for a family to attend the fair.

Adult admission is $15, child admission is eight dollars and a day pass for rides is $47. If a day pass is not purchased, fair-goers can get on the rides with tickets. Each ticket costs one dollar and the average ride requires five to six tickets to get on. 

Factor in extras like food and games, and for families, a day at the fair can get expensive fast. 

Janice Miller and her husband Alan Miller come to the Queen City Ex every year from New York with their two kids to visit her mother. Despite making it a point to attend the fair each year, the couple says the trip can be a costly one.

"We go to a lot of amusement parks. The Regina Ex is pretty expensive, but it's our summer vacation so when we come we just open the wallet," said Janice Miller.

"I was much taller standing on my wallet before I entered. Lets just say it gets thinner and thinner," added Alan Miller.

"In a day including admission it's not cheap. It's all worth it —every penny— but (it's) probably close to 200 dollars, admission, food and extra rides."

40K people expected to attend

About 40,000 people are expected to go through the gates at the Queen City Ex every day. If the Miller family is any indication, that means the fair can expect to bring in a lot of money.

But the Millers say it's worth it.

"The food is amazing. You can't get this food anywhere else. Things like the tornado potato you can't get it anywhere else, it's only here. So you've got to spend," said Janice Miller.

The Queen City Ex ticket and admission prices are on par with most other fairs in Canada and the northern United States.

The Ex hits Saskatoon next week. 


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