Housing a priority for newest Regina mayor hopeful

Regina's newest candidate for mayor, Liz Brass, says housing will be one of her top priorities, if elected.

Regina's newest candidate for mayor, Liz Brass, says housing will be one of her top priorities if elected.

"I think it's urgent," Brass told CBC News Thursday, the day she launched her bid for the mayor's chair. "One of the pieces I would like to propose is a housing task force so that we can look at initiatives that we can create now."

Brass joins five others who have said they will be candidates for mayor during municipal elections in October. A sixth person who said he would run, David Loblaw, has already bowed out of the race.

Brass added another initiative she would pursue, if elected, is the creation of a film commission in the mayor's office.

"And work with businesses and the film industry — to work together — and there would be a supportive environment," Brass said. "We need the film industry here. It makes our city liveable and vibrant."

Registered psychologist

Brass, 44, is a registered psychologist for child and youth services in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region and has more than 20 years of experience in the area.

Her community involvement includes 15 years of work on a number of committees with the city, including the Regina Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and the Regina Crime Prevention Commission from 1996 to 2001.

She was also a co-chair on a special initiative called the Vehicle Theft Strategy, which involved a number of community agencies, including the police, in combating car theft, especially repeat young offenders.

Brass said she spent considerable time researching issues facing the city before deciding to run.

"This is a great city," she said. "There's development going on, but I think we can do so much better."

Brass also touched on the city's proposal for a new football stadium, saying more information is needed.

"Before we make any decisions about that, we need all the information," she said.

The other people who have said they will run for mayor are:

  • Chad Novak
  • Charles Wiebe
  • Michael Fougere
  • Jim Elliott
  • Meka Okochi

Municipal elections are set for Oct. 24. Regina's current mayor, Pat Fiacco, announced in February he would not seek another term.