Football fans looking for a place to stay during Grey Cup in Regina in November are finding hotel rooms are booked solid.

One group of eight fans, from B.C., have plans to crash in their friend's home - in the basement - in Regina.

The friend, Joanne Okerstrom, said the group had no other choice.

"They're still trying [for a hotel]," Okerstrom told CBC News Thursday.  "But they said that there has been absolutely nothing."

The city's hotels association says rooms have been booked for two years.

However, if people check closer to the game day, they may find space opening up.

"When we get closer to the game, things do happen and rooms do get released," Tracy Fahlman, from the association, said. "We are sure we will be able to accommodate most people that want to be coming down here."

The demand for space has already reached online advertising services, with postings for rooms in private homes at $500 - and up - for a weekend stay in November.

There are also packages of tickets and accommodations being offered, starting at around $1,000 per person.

With files from CBC's Dani Mario