Hot weather records scorched in Saskatchewan

Wynyard and Weyburn warmed their way into the record books with high temperatures Tuesday. At 32.2 C., Assiniboia and two other towns shared the hottest temperature in Canada.

Some pools will stay open in September

Temperatures reached record levels in some parts of the province Tuesday. (CBC)

The temperatures rose to record-breaking levels in Saskatchewan Tuesday.

Wynyard and Weyburn warmed their way into the record books. Wynyard reached a high of 28.2 C. — its hottest recorded day since 1996. Weyburn matched its record of 31.6 C., which it has also held for 17 years.

Meanwhile, Assiniboia, Sask., and two Manitoba towns shared the hottest temperature in Canada at 32.2 C.

In light of the warmer weather, Saskatoon is keeping two of its pools open another weekend. The Riversdale and George Ward pools were set to close at the end of the day Friday. Today, the city announced it's keeping them open for one more long weekend. Both pools are also offering free admission on Friday.

In Regina, all of the outdoor pools were already scheduled to stay open until Labour Day, Sept 2. The Wascana outdoor pool will stay open until Sept 29.

Since Sunday, lots of places in Saskatchewan have seen temperatures reach the 30 degree mark. (CBC)