One Regina woman is warning homeowners about the damage the melting snow could have on their houses if they don't take the proper precautions.

Georgia Hearn thought she did everything she could to prevent against water leaking into her home by clearing the snow off her roof and around her house.  Despite her efforts water has soaked through her ceiling and walls.

Hearn knows it has been as harsh winter, but she hopes others don't have to deal with as much damage.

"It was completely wet behind all the electrical outlets and everything," said Hearn. "It was completely mushy, so we know there's a lot of water there."

Other people, like Tia Daniels in Regina, are doing what they can to make sure the streets in their neighbourhood don't turn into lakes.

"Kind of get this street drain shoveled away so that when it starts melting and getting a lot of water pooled here it has someplace to go," said Daniels.

"Right now, with the way the snow bank is, otherwise it'd just be pooling and we'd be flooded out on the street pretty quick," she continued.

With all the snow accumulation finding where the drain is can be tough on some streets, but there is a way to locate it online.

People can look up their address on the Google Street View site and locate the nearest drain.

Tips to prevent flooding

  • Get rid of all the snow around your home to prevent leaks
  • Protect against ice damming by filling a nylon stocking with salt and laying it eaves troughs to create melting channels
  • Get a sump pump and set it up