One homeowner who lives in Saskatoon's Nutana neighbourhood is speaking out about a report on the city's slumping riverbank.

The riverbank started shifting in late June, causing temporary power outages, damage to back yards and an alley, and forcing the disconnection of natural gas to homes on the southeast bank of the river.

A report presented to city council on Monday suggests the riverbank is now stable.

The report also identified landscaping as one of the few potential causes that may have led the riverbank soil to slide toward the water.

But Marie Jensen, whose backyard was damaged in the shift, said the city seems to be putting the blame on homeowners.

"We are really disappointed. We knew nothing about it [the report], we have not to this date had a meeting with the city," she said.

"We feel disappointed in our city workers; our city employees that have done nothing to help us," Jensen added.

Jensen said the neighbours on her street have been talking about what to do next and suggests a good first step would be a meeting with the city.