Better Business Bureau CEO Patrick Heffernan cautions consumers looking for home renovation contractors, especially during an economic boom. (CBC)

Saskatchewan's Better Business Bureau says people looking for a reputable home renovation company are facing an economy where many reliable contractors are running at full capacity.

CEO of the Saskatchewan branch, Patrick Heffernan, says the province's booming economy can lead to problems for consumers, especially as companies try to meet the demand.

"They're probably not investing the time to properly train the people they're hiring," Heffernan explained. "It's a disaster waiting to happen in a lot of respects."

He adds homeowners have very little legislated protection, in his view, when it comes to renovation work so it important to check a company's references and review some past projects.

"It's a matter of knowing the contractor you're going to deal with and the history of the contractor," he said. "There are no guarantees and no way to enforce quality workmanship."


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