Kristin Marie Lerat. (Regina Police Service)

Police in Regina have arrested two people they believe are linked to a targeted home invasion in the city's North Central neighbourhood.

The arrests were announced Friday, a day after the police put out a request seeking assistance from the public to find the pair. Police said the two were arrested in the 2200 block of Broad Street, without incident.

According to police, a total of five people were involved in the home invasion, alleged to have taken place April 1.

It began in a home on the 1300 block of Rae Street where four men and a women burst into a home occupied by three women.

One of the women in the house, a 19-year-old, was taken to a car, pushed inside and driven to another home in the neighbourhood, on the 1000 block of Garnet Street.


Ryan James Varley. (Regina Police Service)

At the second home, the suspects went inside and — according to police — assaulted a person who was living there.

When that was done, police said the 19-year-old woman was allowed to leave.

Police said Thursday that they have already found three male suspects in the case.

They arrested and charged two men, 19 and 20, on April 4. A third arrest, of a 27-year-old man, took place on April 9.

Police said that, despite their best efforts, the last two suspects were not found, until Friday morning.

Ryan James Varley, 27, and Kristin Marie Lerat, 28, were in custody. There was no immediate information available about their expected court dates.