Hockey rink roof collapses in Bredenbury

The roof of a hockey rink in the town of Bredenbury collapsed on Wednesday.
The roof of the rink in Bredenbury collapsed under the weight of snow. (Supplied to CBC)

It's a common story in Saskatchewan this year — heavy snow destroying buildings.

The only hockey rink in the town of Bredenbury is the latest victim. The roof of the rink collapsed on Wednesday night. Bredenbury is about 40 kilometres southeast of Yorkton.

The exact cause of the roof collapse is still unknown, but heavy snow was a factor.

Kim Varga, the town's administrator, said she is just relieved no one was injured.

"Everyone is sad and sort of in shock," Varga said. "Everybody is just devastated and people are thankful that nobody got hurt and nobody was around."

Terry Hall, Bredenbury's rink manager, said the arena was host to about 50 hockey games every winter. It was also used by several hockey teams from surrounding communities.

This is the rink, before the roof fell in. (Google Street View)

"It was the heart of town," Hall said. "This year, there was going to be a centennial project and the main crowd would have gathered there and it's going to be an incredible inconvenience."

The town was planning to host its centennial celebration at the rink in August.

Lowe's garden centre roof collapses in Regina

Meanwhile, on Thursday in Regina, the roof of a garden supply area for Lowe's was crushed. The collapse was also linked to heavy snow. There was no one inside the structure at the time. The roof was not a part of the main building, but was a plastic type of covering common to garden centres.