Tim Bozon, the Kootenay Ice hockey player who was hospitalized in Saskatoon with meningitis, has recovered enough to hit the ice again.

Bozon, 20, will be attending training camp with the French National U-22 team at the end of the month.

He spent almost a month in a Saskatoon hospital after falling ill following a WHL game in March. At one point, doctors placed Bozon in a coma, and he was on a feeding tube for weeks.

"I'm just relieved he's back to normal health," said his agent, Rollie Thompson Tuesday. "The fact that he's able to participate on the ice, and be involved with the French U-22 National Team, I think it's beyond any expectation anyone had. But it goes to show you, where there's a will, there's a way."

Thompson says Bozon has been working hard over the past few months to get himself back into playing condition.

"Intensive training, fully committed," he said. "His dad, who is a former NHL player, has been at his side most of the time, and dedicated his time to helping Tim through this rehab process."

Earlier this year, Bozon was listed as a prospect for the Montreal Canadiens. Thompson says Bozon has every intention to showing up for training camp next month.

"Well, that's the intent, yeah. Montreal is fully aware of his training camp that will be in Czecheslovakia with the French National Team, and they're 100 percent behind that, and it's a sign that he's progressed dramatically. And he's almost at that 100 percent mark now, so he feels he'll be fully ready when Montreal's camp opens."

Bruce Hogle, President of the Saskatoon Blades, says he's thrilled to hear about Bozon's recovery.

Hogle invited the Bozon family to stay in his house while Tim was in hospital. Ever since, he's kept in close contact with the family.

"The whole story has just been an absolute miracle," he said. "And as Timmy made his strides, his parents recovered as well."