An HIV-positive Saskatoon man says he believes he has infected many people over the past 20 years because he didn't take precautions.

And now, Willie Seitz says he's full of regrets over his actions.

Seitz, whois in his late 30s, told CBC News hewas only 18 when he was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

His partner at the time had had unprotected sex with an airline attendant, who had lovers all over the world.

Six months later, his partner died and he plunged into a lifestyle that included having sex without condoms with a number of men, Seitz said.

Asked why he didn't take precautions, Seitz said it's a difficult question to answer.

"It could be the fact that I'm HIV-positive and eventually I'm going to die and just didn't care," he said.

Years later, after his second partner died of AIDS, Seitz realized he couldn't maintain that lifestyle.
Today, more than two decades after he was infected, he has many regrets about times he had unprotected sex.

"When I'm using drugs or drinking and it happens, I don't feel bad at the time," he said. "But afterwards, I mean, yeah, it's like wow, I probably infected that person."

Seitz said he wishes he had been able to tell people he was HIV positive, but he couldn't. He was afraid.
He recalled the reaction he received when he told people at work he was HIV-positive.

"Right away, I couldn't sit in the lunch room, I couldn't use the phone. I couldn't use the sink. Like, they just all freaked," he said.

Now Seitz is urging everyone with concerns about their HIV status to get tested.

"I mean, if they know they're HIV[-positive], they know and they can do something about it," he said. "Play safe."