The bridge over the underpass at Winnipeg Street and Dewdney Avenue has taken a few hits from tall trucks in recent years. ((CBC))

An American semi-trailer driver going through a Regina underpass was the latest to find out the hard way his vehicle was just a little too high.

On Friday morning, the top of the truck hit the bottom of the bridge, damaging the vehicle and causing traffic to back up on Winnipeg Street at Dewdney Avenue for several minutes.

The truck eventually got out of the underpass after sustaining minor damage.

"I just hit it, is all," said the driver, who is from the United States but did not provide his name to CBC News.

"I think the road's uneven."

No one was hurt and after police interviewed the driver, they said he would not get a ticket.

Police noted the driver was American and confusion about the metric system may have been a factor.

While not an everyday occurrence, it's the kind of accident that's becoming semi-regular, the City of Regina says.

"We know it's not the first time this has happened," said Nigora Yulyaksheiva, the city's manager of roadways preservation.

"We have proper signage giving the height under the bridge but not all drivers look for the signs."

At the Dewdney underpass, signs tell motorists that the clearance is 3.8 metres.

"Still, some drivers they think they can make it through that and then they're stuck," Yulyaksheiva said.

The city is looking at installing more or better signs to warn truck drivers about the clearance, she said.