Highway 22 between Southey and Earl Grey has been called one of Saskatchewan's worst roadways. (Google Street View)

People are referring to Saskatchewan's highways as "gravel goat paths" with pothole-strewn Highway 22 a particularly bad example, the NDP Opposition says.

"With record revenue, its a shame to see what we have — crumbling highways, potholes big enough to lose a vehicle and unsafe driving conditions throughout the province," New Democrat highways critic Buckley Belanger said Wednesday in the legislature.

Belanger said the Saskatchewan Party government still has not fixed some of the very roads it complained about five years ago when it was in Opposition.

Among them is a section of Highway 22 north of Regina between Earl Grey and Southey. It once made the Saskatchewan Party's list of the worst highways in the province, but now that they've been in government for four years, it still hasn't been fixed.

"Why are people still referring to our highways as gravel goat paths?" Belanger asked Highways Minister Jim Reiter. Reiter replied that the NDP did nothing when it was in government, although he also conceded that Highway 22 is still in rough shape.

"We recognize the deplorable condition it's in," Reiter said. "It's on our five-year capital plan. Some of the advance work is already being done ... we recognize that that needs to get fixed."

The Saskatchewan Party has promised to spend $2.2 billion on highways and infrastructure over the next four years. Reiter said the government is spending more after inheriting a "massive infrastructure deficit" from the NDP.