Traffic on Highway 11, the main link between Regina and Saskatoon, is a mess due to crashes and bad weather.

On Wednesday afternoon, at about the midway point between the two cities, a semi-trailer truck jack-knifed and blocked southbound lanes of the highway. That quickly led to an estimated 200 vehicles being stuck in the area waiting for the crash to be cleared.

There were no reports of injuries from the crash. RCMP decided to halt traffic instead of diverting motorists to alternate routes because road conditions were very poor in the area.

By early evening, a portion of the highway was cleared enough for a slow trickle of vehicles to be allowed through.

And, by 7 p.m. CST Wednesday, RCMP said the highway was open again and the backlog of traffic was easing.

However, road conditions remained poor and police were advising people not to venture out.

The towns of Craik and Davidson had opened the doors to their community halls for travellers seeking refuge because of the highway conditions. In Craik a local official said there had been people pulling up to take advantage of that.

Also, for a few hours on Wednesday officials closed Highway 11 from Regina north to Davidson due to icy roads and poor visibility due to weather.

The closure was lifted at supper hour, however travel was not recommended.

More information about road conditions are available from the Highway Hotline site.