Some Regina balloon shops are experiencing a helium shortage.

The air has been sucked out of some Canada Day celebrations.  There's a helium shortage in Regina, which means there may not be as many balloons floating around as expected.

Helium is naturally occurring and isn't only used to make balloons float, it's also used in things like MRI machines for scientific research and even television screens.

Kathy Wadsworth who works for Gale's Wholesale, a company that makes balloon bouquets, said when it comes to getting helium, balloons are low on the priority list.

"First and foremost anything that's available goes to the hospitals," said Wadsworth. "Then manufacturing and we're third in line because all we do is use it for balloons and that's not really an issue."

Wadsworth is rationing her last canister of helium and said people better get their balloon orders in soon.

"Probably September until it's freed up again and anyone who's planning anything major better book now," she said.

 Two stores in Regina are down to their last canisters.