As the province transitions from 12 existing health regions to a single provincial health authority, an announcement of the new health region CEO is expected this week. 

The provincial government is in the final stages of confirming the board's choice for the new CEO. 

Meanwhile, the Indigenous Health Working Group is working to help inform the new amalgamated health region about how to best address the needs of Indigenous people.

According to the provincial government health system transition website, engagement sessions are underway to gain feedback and input to address Indigenous health issues and opportunities. 

There have been 19 information and engagement sessions with Indigenous leadership, communities and health directors, according to a recent transition team project update. The sessions will continue into the fall with the goal of learning what is working well, what could be done better and how health services for Indigenous people could be improved in the future. 

The transition team has also been holding a series of consultation and planning sessions to plan for organizational design. The team has been receiving input from health region CEOs. It said feedback from engagement sessions will be considered as transition planning moves forward.