Regina police will allow the family of Haven Dubois to look at a police report on the boy's death.

It comes after the 14-year-old's mother spent the night outside the police service headquarters.

Richelle Dubois questioned deputy police chief Dean Rae in front of the headquarters Tuesday. She has maintained that police didn't investigate the case as thoroughly as they should have.

"I want to make sure that they did their job right. I want to make sure that there's nobody out there who thinks they got away with murder," Dubois said.

Her son's body was found in a ditch in the east end of Regina last May. 

According to a coroner's report, Haven's death was the result of drowning. The report also showed that he had traces of marijuana in his body when he died. 

Police have ruled out foul play.

Dubois said she believes the investigation was not taken seriously because they are First Nations.

"Would any parent accept that report? Would you? If that were your son that passed away, would you accept that report?" she asked.

The coroner's report quoted people who were with Haven the day he died and said the boy smoked marijuana and was "freaking out". The report went on to say that marijuana can cause some people to panic and act irrationally.

Dubois said she wants more details.

"We can't find out if it's a little bit, if it's a lot [and] that still leaves me with a lot of questions. Was it a joint? Was it something laced?" she asked.

Police said they will allow Dubois to look at the report on her son's death but the names of witnesses will be omitted.

Police added that they haven't closed the book on Haven's death.

Dubois said she will continue to spend the night in her van outside the police station until she sees the report.

Police said the redacted version will be available within a week.

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