Before the Kenaston event, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Strongfield talking about Ottawa's $1.5 billion biofuels program. ((John Weidlich/CBC))

The uneasy relationship between Ottawa and Saskatchewan has taken another turn.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has lambasted the province's NDP government, calling it"ungrateful."

Harper was speaking Thursday to about 400 supporters at a Conservative Party event in Kenaston,about 80 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon.

He said the province is prospering— no thanks to its government, though.

There's been tension between Ottawa and Saskatchewan over equalization.

The province is taking the federal government to court this fall to challenge the constitutionality of equalization reforms in this year's budget.

Harper said Saskatchewan has nothing to complain about because in the budget, it was the "biggest single per capita winner" of all the provinces.

He said for every dollar that went to "this ungrateful NDP government," two or three dollars went to the people of the province.

Saskatchewan New Democrats have said most of the new moneyfrom the budget isone-timecash only.