RCMP detachments across Saskatchewan were expecting a busy night Wednesday, due to Halloween, and it was.

In a 12-hour time period, from 6 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday, RCMP detachments and the call centre handled a total of 296 calls for service.

While not all of the incidents were related to activities associated with Halloween, a spokesman for the RCMP said the night of Oct. 31 typically generates more calls.

Here is Halloween night, by the numbers, from the RCMP:

  • 18 -  The number of emergency 911 calls that were received by the dispatch centre.  Of those, 9 were abandoned (the caller hung up).
  • 27 - Calls to RCMP with reports of assaults.
  • 21 - Calls reporting someone disturbing the peace or causing a disturbance.
  • 6 -  Calls for RCMP to investigate someone failing to comply with a probation order.
  • 2 -  Reports of fires.
  • 12 - Reports of impaired driving.
  • 16 - Other offences relating to liquor.
  • 34 - Damage to property.
  • 4 - Reports about drug offenses.
  • 33 - Reports of traffic offenses.
  • 5 - Calls to RCMP relating to matters involving the Mental Health Act.
  • 10 - Security system false alarms.
  • 1  - Animal Call (a dead deer on Highway 11 near Saskatoon).

RCMP said detachments across the province fielded calls, with the northernmost calls received by officers in Fond Du Lac, who were contacted five times on Halloween night.

The news release concluded by noting a recruitment slogan for the RCMP: "a career nowhere near ordinary."