Halloween is three weeks away and some stores are already noticing trends in the selection of costumes this year.

In Regina, the pop-up store Halloween Alley has been open since Sept. 9.

"Everybody gets excited about Halloween," Karen Bieber, manager at Halloween Alley, said Sunday. In addition to the standard ghoulish props and costumes, the store sells a lot of character costumes that are currently popular.

halloween store

There are many gruesome props featured at the Halloween themed store. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

"If you feel like being a Star Wars character [or] a princess, we've got the costumes for that," she said. "People like to dress up because they can express themselves in any way, shape or form."

Whitney Faulkner was at the store looking for some ideas and and enjoys the role-playing associated with dressing up for Halloween.

"Embracing your uniqueness and what you like and showing off that kind of geeky side of you," Faulkner said. "Heroes and nerdy things are really in style right now."

whitney faulkner

Whitney Faulkner says many people enjoy taking on a new persona for Halloween. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

According to staff at the store, Zombies and Pokemon costumes are big this year. From the movies, characters of Star Wars and Suicide Squad are also big sellers.