Haitian boy could be in Saskatchewan soon

A Nipawin, Sask., couple say they've received good news and could soon be reunited with the young boy they're adopting from Haiti.

A Nipawin, Sask., couple say they've received good news and could soon be reunited with the young boy they're adopting from Haiti.

Melvin and Melanie Brundage were in Haiti last week making adoption arrangements when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck.

They returned to Saskatchewan on the weekend, but had to leave the boy they want to adopt, 2½-year-old Mike, at the orphanage near Port-au-Prince while further arrangements were made.

On Wednesday, they learned the child was on a list of about 100 adoptions the Canadian government is fast-tracking.

Once Haitian authorities have approved the adoptions, Canadian officials have been directed to issue temporary permits, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday.

That means Mike could be with the Brundages and their other son, Ritchy, also adopted from Haiti, within days.

"We are definitely excited," Brundage told CBC News on Thursday. "It gives you some peace knowing your son’s going to get home and knowing he’s safe in the orphanage."

The earthquake has killed tens of thousands of Haitians, with some estimates saying the final toll could top 200,000.

Brundage said he’s been in contact with the orphanage, which survived the earthquake and the 6.1-magnitude aftershocks earlier this week.

There’s water and supplies, but the children are afraid to go inside the building, he said.

Brundage said his elation that Mike is coming to Saskatchewan is tempered by the knowledge that some friends in Saskatchewan who are trying to adopt are still in limbo.

Among them was Regina’s Lisa Poirier, who’s waiting for word from the federal government on the status of her adoption of two 18-month-old Haitian boys, Jacques and Jackson.

"We are waiting desperately to find out whether we are included or not," Poirier told CBC on Wednesday.

On Thursday afternoon, Poirier got the news she was waiting for that Jacques and Jackson had made the list and the federal government would help her with her case.


  • An earlier version of this story referred to Melanie Brundage as Melissa.
    Jan 22, 2010 11:01 AM CT