A garden shed was one of the casualties of Monday's night storm that hit the Radville area. ((Cara Thompson))

People in Radville, Sask., are cleaning up following a brief but intense hailstorm Monday night.

Around 8 p.m. CST, hail stones the size of golf balls rained down on the area for about 15 minutes.

The hail damaged cars and ruined many gardens.

"We were kind of disappointed," Echo Fornwald told CBC News about the mess in her yard. Fornwald is getting married on Saturday. "But, oh well. Better now than on Saturday."

Along with the hail, strong winds tore up trees.

"I saw one, two, three huge trees down," Oliver Dionne said Tuesday. "Down completely. One pulled out by the roots." 

The intensity of the storm was worrisome to Cara Thompson, to spotted ominous clouds in the sky.

"We heard a loud noise, which was probably the large limb on our tree cracking, and we headed into the basement," Thompson said. "We were down in the basement for about three minutes when we heard a large scraping noise."

The second sound turned out to be a garden shed whipping through the yard.

While some people told CBC News they saw funnel clouds, there were no tornado reports.

Radville, a town of 755, is about 135 kilometres south of Regina.