Lonny McKague inspects the damage to his car after a hailstorm Friday. ((Kevin O'Connor/CBC))

Farmers in southeastern Saskatchewan are assessing the damage caused by a hail storm that swept through the area early Friday morning, smashing windows and flattening crops.

"We were just hammered," said Ogema-area farmer Lonny McKague, whose car got pelted with golf-ball sized hailstones as he was driving between Ogema and Pangman.

He pulled over and waited out the storm.

"It's almost a little scary," he said. "The noise is quite severe when these larger hailstones hit your car and your windshield. When the windshield starts spidering… breaking up, you kind of get a little concerned."

McKague'scar was peppered with dents but hesaid he was lucky that his farm seemed to have missed the worst of it.

Not so lucky was area farmer Ross David, who watched large hailstones bouncing1½ metres off the ground.

"Some of the cropland, where the hail was worse, [it] pounded things like field peas and canola. Field peas especially — right flat on the ground. Can't see how they're going to come back," he said.

Two hours later the fields were still white with hail, David said.

It will be days before the full impact of the damage will be known, he said.

Other farmers told CBC the storm was unusual in that it lasted up to 90 minutes, causing extensive damage to some farms.