Perspective, music, 'a million things to talk about' on Chris Hadfield tour

Chris Hadfield will be speaking in Regina next month.

Hadfield promises conversation, music and perspective

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield plays his guitar and sings from the International Space Station. (Copyright: CSA)

Chris Hadfield's career has given him more than 26 years to think about his perspective on both Canada and the world, and now he's looking for other perspectives as part of a series of speaking engagements.

Those musings developed over time are now part of a cross-country tour for Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation.

"There's a million things to talk about," Hadfield said of the show, which he described as partially a perspective, a celebration and a chance for crowd interaction. 

During the tour, which Hadfield will speak and reflect on his time, he said he wants to engage with as many different perspectives as possible about Canada — how the country got where it is now, what it did right and where it went wrong.

There will also be music, which is no surprise considering Hadfield channeled music legend David Bowie with his own cover of Space Oddity.

"I think a lot of how we reflect ourselves and understand ourselves is through music," Hadfield said. 

Hadfield said he had many experiences which eventually qualified him for space travel. During his career, he spent time travelling from coast to coast over the decades and then he eventually saw the entirety of a country within minutes, from hundreds of kilometres above the Earth.

"To be onboard a space ship ... you are separate from the Earth, psychologically, physically and absolutely."

Hadfield rolls into Regina on Sept. 26.

With files from CBC Radio's The Morning Edition