A farmer west of Regina says a poorly maintained drainage ditch caused significant flooding on his land two years ago and there is still no solution in sight, as he remains "stuck in the middle" between the City of Regina and the Global Transportation Hub.

The Opposition NDP raised James Farley's concerns in the Saskatchewan Legislature during question period on Tuesday.

The NDP says drainage at the GTH has not been maintained and as a result, silt and other debris allows water to back up in the ditch and flood the adjacent land.

James Farley land

James Farley says a poorly maintained drainage ditch fills up and then overflows onto his land, as it did in 2015. (Submitted by James Farley)

Farley said in 2015 he lost about 20 hectares of land to flooding, and that the City of Regina has said now that the GTH is its own jurisdiction, the city no longer maintains the ditch.

The minister responsible for the GTH, Dustin Duncan, said the drainage ditch is the city's responsibility.

"Ultimately it's the City of Regina at this point," he said. "But the ideal solution would be to bring everybody to the table [and] form a watershed association, rather than have people like Mr. Farley stuck in the middle."

A spokesperson for the City of Regina was not immediately able to provide a response