Some non-profit organizations in Regina who deal with housing problems say people who are really affected by the housing crisis in the city have been excluded from next week's housing summit.

The price of a ticket to attend the event is $275. Some non-for profit groups will go for free, but Alaina Harrison, who works for Carmichael Outreach, said that leaves out people who are actually struggling to afford housing.

"Unfortunately we can't begin to, sort of, represent well enough the true stories of people who have been living this everyday," said Harrison, adding that it was important the summit consist of a forum that really express how the housing crisis has affected people personally.

Harrison said some people will be holding their own alternative summit on May 14 at the same venue.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said the group is welcome to the city's summit or to hold their own.

"I respect their choice," he said. "I don't agree with it, but I respect their choice to protest during the summit, but they certainly have been invited. We've made sure there's no barriers to their entrance."

Mayor wants vacancy rate to reach 3 per cent

Fougere said Friday, his goal is to grow the vacancy rate in the city to three per cent by 2017.

He made the statement after announcing that more than 200 stakeholders will be at a housing summit next week, intended to tackle issues such as affordable housing.

"This summit is a call to action that brings together housing stakeholders who are involved in funding, planning and policy direction," Fougere said.

"This is not a one-time event at which we solve all housing issues, but rather a first step on the path to identifying solutions," he added. 

Currently the city's vacancy rate sits at one per cent.

"It's the biggest issue facing our city and it's beyond the rooming's actually about the growth of our city," Fougere said.