Theacclaimed and sometimes controversial aboriginal television series Moccasin Flats is coming back to life as a made-for-TV movie.

The dramaticseries depicted the harsh and brutallife led by many of Regina's aboriginal youth, including their difficulties with gang activity, drug abuse, prostitution, povertyand violence.

It ran for three seasons on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network before it was cancelled in 2006.

The movie,Moccasin Flats: Redemption, willreflect many of the same daily struggles as the series, but producer Laura Milliken told CBC News it will alsocelebrate the young people's strengths.

"The community has changed and so have we, so it's time to evolve," Milliken said in a recent interview. "I feel like everything has come full circle right now. We have some new blood involved and we have some really interesting directions to go in."

She hopes the movie, which is being shot in Regina's North Central anddowntown core over the next few weeks, will rekindle interest in the series.

An extra effort has been made to hire local actors and crew for the movie, as it was with the series, she says.

Candace Fox, who playedCandy Foster in theseries, is pleased to be back on the set.

"I've been here since the very beginning," she said. "I think I've grown with this character and I think this movie is important for everyone who is involved because it's a big deal to us here in Regina."

The movieis slated to air on APTN in 2008.