B Garneau

B Garneau does not identity with a particular gender. Garneau is the Green Party's candidate for Regina Wascana Plains in the upcoming provincial election. (CBC)

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is trumpeting the nomination of B Garneau, a candidate running in the constituency of Regina Wascana Plains for the upcoming provincial election, as history in the making.

Garneau, the party noted, is the first transgender person to seek election, provincially, in Saskatchewan.

"I'm not a man or a woman," Garneau told CBC News in an interview Friday. "I could be aspects of both. I'm just sort of outside of the understanding of gender."

Garneau says advocating for human rights, in general, was a key motivator for entering politics adding transgender issues — especially discrimination — is of particular interest.

"That is something I would like to focus on, but that's not the core of my campaign," Garneau said.

Garneau hoped to appeal to anyone looking for a candidate who listens to them, and acts on their concerns.

"I am here for human rights, I am here mostly just to help out people who need help," Garneau said, adding the Green Party was the most open-minded when it comes to policies.

"It's a label," Garneau said when asked if being a transgender person could end up dominating the campaign discussion. "What matters is being authentic and striving for equality."   

The Green Party ran a full slate of 58 candidates in the 2011 campaign and attracted three per cent of the vote. Party leader Victor Lau said the party is on track to run another full slate, now 61 constituencies, for the next provincial vote.

Garneau was born in Alberta, but moved to Saskatchewan as a small child and has been in the province ever since.