Gravelbourg drinking water affected by high spring runoff

Residents of Gravelbourg, Sask., are being advised to boil water for drinking because of concerns about the water supply being affected by spring runoff.

All the melting water this spring is affecting some water supplies in the province, officials say.

On Thursday, a precautionary advisory was issued to people in Gravelbourg, Sask., who were told they should boil water before drinking it.

"The Ministry of Environment, erring on the side of caution, has issued a precautionary drinking water advisory," Gord Murray, the town administrator, told CBC News Thursday.

He explained that the town's water supply was inundated with spring runoff which stirred up minute particles, putting stress on filtres at the water treatment plant.

Members of the town's volunteer fire fighting squad spent much of Thursday going door to door to tell Gravelbourg's 1,000 residents.

Murray said community members were also anxiously watching the main highway that runs through town.

"Immediately south of town and immediately east of town is just one massive lake," Murray said.

Plans to build a berm on a portion of Highway 58 near Gravelbourg have been put on hold.