Heavy rain and hail broke windows and flattened crops in southern Saskatchewan on Saturday afternoon.

Environment Canada says much of the hail was the size of golf balls and loonies, but an area 13 kilometres southeast of Weyburn saw ice chunks the size of grapefruits.

"With a grapefruit we're talking about nine centimetres in diameter," said meteorologist Mark Gerlyand. "Very humongous."

"As it hailed the stones got bigger," said Ron Miller, who lives 16 kilometres southeast of Weyburn. "And they sounded like, in the middle of it, like there was 50 people up on the roof pounding with hammers.

"I put my hand on the windowsill and the house was actually vibrating," he added.

Miller said fields and trees were destroyed, including the corn seeded near his yard. He says the hailstones even killed some birds in his yard.

"All you can do is watch it," he told CBC news. "It was pretty devastating.

Environment Canada said the town of Oxbow received 50 millimetres of rain in just 15 minutes.  

There are also unconfirmed reports of a tornado near Minton.

Gerlyand said Environment Canada has not received any photos or videos that would allow them to confirm it.

Did you get any photos or video of the grapefruit-sized hail or the possible tornado? Send us an email at sasknews@cbc.ca