Grandparents on trial for neglect of young girl

Two grandparents are representing themselves against charges of child neglect at Regina's Queen's Bench.

Two Saskatchewan grandparents are defending themselves against charges of child neglect at Regina's Queen's Bench on Monday.

It's the first day of a three-day trial, in which the man and woman are trying to prove that they did not neglect their young granddaughter.

The girl, who is now seven years old, was born in British Columbia where she was living with her mother. However, she was put in a foster home in early 2007 after it was discovered her mother was a drug addict.

A social worker from B.C. told the court on Monday that the girl was a smart and happy child during her time in foster care.

Court heard that the grandparents gained custody of the child later in 2007 and brought her to the Saskatchewan First Nation where they were living.

The child was removed from the home in July 2008, after her health had deteriorated.

Her grandparents have been charged with failure to provide the necessities of life.

As the trial got underway on Monday, the judge imposed a publication ban on details that would identify the young girl.