Grain stocks on farms, Saskatchewan (2011-2014)

Stocks of wheat, canola and barley at Saskatchewan farms doubled over the past year, Statistics Canada says — another indication of the severe backlog farmers are experiencing moving their crops this year.

On-farm storage of those three crops hit 15 million tonnes as of March 31, double what it was a year earlier.

As of March 31, there were 9.7 million tonnes of wheat stored on farms in the province, a 90 per cent increase from last year.

Barley stocks on Saskatchewan farms hit 1.4 million tonnes, an 81 per cent increase.

For canola, the situation was even more extreme — 3.9 million tonnes were in the bins on March 31, a 150 per cent increase from 2013.

StatsCan noted that a record for canola production was set in 2013, and all three Prairie provinces hit records for canola stocks held on farms.

A shortage of rail cars has meant many farmers have been unable to move their product to market.

Earlier this year, the federal government told the railways they would have to increase the number of cars they made available, which has relieved the backlog somewhat.

Harvest 2013 in Saskatchewan

A bumper crop last year left many farmers with full grain bins in 2014. (Courtesy Paul Dornstauder)