City council in Regina wants graffiti-proof mailboxes installed by Canada Post. (CBC)

Regina city council wants Canada Post to bring new mailboxes — which are designed to thwart graffiti — to the city.

A motion on that, put forward by council member Fred Clipsham, was adopted Monday night.

Clipsham said he noticed the new mailboxes during a recent trip east and thought the designs would work well in Regina.

"It's the same box but it's just painted differently," Clipsham explained. "It's painted with a Canada Post kind of logo but it's very intricate and the colours kind of blend and merge so when graffiti is applied to it, it doesn't show up."

Clipsham said since the boxes are already in some cities, he thought it would be a good idea to bring them to Regina.

"What we're asking is that they deploy these boxes [in Regina]," Clipsham said. "I noticed them in Halifax this spring . So they're out there."

Clipsham said he asked officials at Canada Post what their plan was, for introducing the new style of box in Regina, but did not get a clear response.

"They said. 'Well, they get to here when they get to here," he noted.

City council members unanimously approved Clipsham's motion, which was to encourage Canada Post to bring the boxes to Regina by the fall of 2012.