Saskatchewan's Education Minister is learning a few things from elementary students today.

Don Morgan and some senior educators had lunch with Grade 6 students in Regina. They were getting first-hand knowledge from students about how to improve their education experience.

"I think kids can be brutally frank when they choose to be, so we're listening to them," Morgan said.

Morgan says getting information from students is a good way to help improve graduation rates.

Ten-year-old Bailey Balaberda offered one complaint to the Education Minister.

"Probably how big my class is," Balaberda said. "I have 52 kids in my class." Balaberda is in a split class with two teachers.

Other student complaints ranged from not enough computers to not enough time for recess.

The province said it's developing a new education plan to put students first. The provincial government is working to have the plan in place by spring to support the 2020 targets set out in the growth plan.