Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner says an employee working for the province's Ministry of Highways used SGI's database to snoop on another driver for personal reasons.

In his latest report, Gary Dickson outlines an incident that began on the highway one September morning in 2010. 

A Ministry of Highways employee, a traffic officer with Transport Compliance Branch was driving in his personal vehicle when he had an incident with another driver. 

The report states the incident was not related to work. 

According to the report, once at work the government employee used SGI's database to look up the other driver's personal information. 

The employee then called the driver because he wanted to know why the driver was so upset on the highway. 

Following what happened the driver filed a complaint with the RCMP and SGI. 

The report states the personal information obtained by the employee from SGI's database  “would include the driver’s name and address, driving history and associated vehicles registered to the driver.” 

The government said the employee who breached privacy rules was suspended without pay for 20 days.
His privileges to use the database have also been revoked. He now must have a colleague use the database for him when he needs to look up information.