An online poll asking if Saskatchewan should get a fair deal on equalization payments was flooded with electronic "no" votes earlier this week.

Now, the provincial government's poll has been taken offline while it tries to figure out how to prevent people from "skewing" the results again.

The government launched the "Raise a Flag" website last week to pressure Ottawa for an energy accord similar to the one Newfoundland has.

It includes a poll question asking people whether they agree that Saskatchewan deserves a fair energy accord.

According to Premier Lorne Calvert, more than 1,000 "no" votes came in over about an hour on Tuesday.

At one point, 77 per cent of the votes said "no" and 23 per cent said "yes".

Calvert said Wednesday the government froze the results where they were before the flood of electronic "no's" came in – 90 per cent in favour and 10 per cent against.

The government is now trying to fix the site so that nobody can manipulate the votes in future.

"Either for or against," Calvert said. "I mean, somebody might have decided that they're just going to skew it the other way. Well, we don't [want] a skewed poll."

A number of visitors to Small Dead Animals blog site noted that after they voted "no" the poll results remained frozen at 90 per cent in favour. They accused the NDP of rigging the poll.

Calvert said that is not what happened.

He added he doesn't trust anything called "Small Dead Animals" especially when it encourages people to vote "no".